In business for 35 years, after an apprenticeship which began in Michigan with an European trained shoemaker, Tom began his career as a leather worker who wished to specialize in sandal making. He met a classically trained shoemaker who first taught him all the basic skills. Then he taught how to apply the skills to a specialty. This included repairing shoes , altering footwear , and restyling of shoes and boots. All these skills allowed Tom to build beautiful , one of a kind , custom sandals. These had contoured arches , creative strap designs in colors with choices of leather or rubber soles.

These sandals and a variety of custom handbags, belts and briefcases, became the creative outlet while repairing shoes revealed itself to be a solid predictable income source.

During Tom's apprenticeship he was able to observe the great care and attention the master shoemaker exercised when someone with foot or leg difficulties came into the shop. Tom learned to fill prescriptions from doctors, therapists,as well as customers' requests.

Today Tom fills prescriptions to alter shoes as requested by doctors and their patients. The soles can be elevated to affect the level of the hips, pelvis and shoulders. Orthopedic corrections can make a dramatic difference in a person's wellbeing. But then again, just repairing or restoring a shoe can be of great service and comfort.

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